Wednesday 20 January 2016

A Bearded Conundrum......

Happy New Year all,

Looks like I qualified for this year's tournament by the skin o' me teeth.
Anyway, Bearded Tits-
As a regular visitor to Broom GPs, I fequently look for Bearded Tits in areas that shall not be named in this post.
The question is this-
Having found 2 Bearded Tits today, but not during a handful of recent visits either by myself or other regulars. Is there are chance these birds..............

(a) .........are resident and have evaded attempts to see them since 27th November last year?
(b) .........are different birds that have just found themselves here having dispersed from elsewhere?

Although I had fleeting glimpses of 2 birds together, I suspect there could be more as I could hear calling from different areas of the site at various times. So with that in mind-

(c) Can I have it?



  1. Don't see why not. Elements of doubt that they are same birds and nearly two months gone.

  2. OK, The champion has spoken- that will do me...........