Sunday 3 January 2016

End of the year results?

Results are in - probably.  Things are looking like Mr Grimsey is the winner (144) with great efforts to seek out lesser watched sites and filling in gaps by searching the hills - the sort of behaviour the SFYL challenge intended to encourage.  Praise as ever to Darren (142) who did virtually the same but on foot - amazing performance.  Equally impressive was Jim's identical 142.  Impressive as Jim is a self confessed beginner who hammered the Broom area and found loads - even getting to grips with gulls which many more seasoned birders (eh hem), try to ignore...

Martin and I scored 133, a total never troubling the medals.  I didn't even see a Pintail, let alone find one...

Matt and Roger clocked up excellent tallies considering they don't leave their patch much and some great finds in there, especially the Great Grey Shrike  we're all enjoying now.

Technical problems may have hampered Andy and Steve's spreadsheet action but thanks go to Andy for finding the popular Firecrest at Meadow Lane.

Shall we do it again?


  1. Go on then... suits my style of birding and gives an outlet for my crap photos! Andy

  2. Steve said he isn't playing............. because its too easy for him ;). Not sure about John?

  3. Hi D. I reckon with opportunity to get into Meadow Lane etc more often in 2016, it may be your year, especially if Steve continues his recent nesting habits Good luck.

  4. Due to a change in work I'll only be in the county for a few days a month for the foreseeable future now, but I'll stick with it in case I do trip over anything decent. Great fun, well done Andy and all the best to everyone else.