Friday 16 March 2012


Had a trip to the bank in Biggleswade today to pay in some earnings. Took my bins though - Gypsy Lane east is just two minutes from t
he A1 roundabout. Scanning for waders maybe, but more on the look out for White Wagtails and Rock Pipits for the next few days. I noticed some birds on the back reedy pool but before scoping them, I tried to find the wagtail calling in front of me. I couldn't find it and returned to the back pit and noticed a small
group of teal - no way, there was a vertical white flash in there - sure there was... Jeez, yup - a fine drake Green-winged Teal on the latest Bedfordshire hotspot. What a list this place has already this year! I took a photo, called Steve "having my annual appraisal" Blain and Captain "out and about" (Di's words) Palmer, who was down south, emailed the group and tried some photography. Hopefully Mr Blain (arriving a few minutes later) would have better for the proper blog. First shot by Martin, second from me.

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