Saturday 17 March 2012

Pure Quality, not quantity...........

OK, ok, so my hat's in the ring. So Andy, no you won't come last- because I will!

The reasons-
(a) I only go to Broom GPs
(b) I don't use a car
(c) Richard, Steve and Martin S 'steal' the birds before I can see them
(d) Now Richard has found the Green-winged Teal, every man jack will be combing the site for the next few weeks, making self finding all the more difficult.

So far I calculate I have 'self found' 81 species, so as I'm propping up the league- I take it no one will want to scrutinise my list....... so I may be able to cheat to catch up!

To rectify the situation, all I can do is get up earlier than Steve and Mark Thomas and sit at the Gypsy Lane East watch point until the goodies roll in. Next, simply text all of the 'Broomites' and post a quick email on Bedsbirds.

The latter action will nullify Martin, who will presumably read his emails at 10.30am, when he wakes up!

Up and at 'em,


p.s I haven't forgotten about that Sandwich Tern Andy.....................

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