Thursday 3 May 2012

The Grimsey bid staggers into May

Thought I was keeping up until the last few days… With the winds and rain last weekend, I recognised that I needed to spend some time by the water in my bid to keep up with the leading lights of Beds SFYL and started off well with Arctic Tern at Stewartby at 5:45am on Saturday but after just hirundines coming in for company in two hours on the stone steps, I decided it was time to move on for a while as there was clearly not a big passage going on. Just as I was considering taking the walk along to the Pillinge, I then committed the ULTIMATE SFYL SIN of checking the text message that I had just received. "F… and B…" Grey Plover at the Pillinge. Change of plan, somebody is already there and they’ve got the bird, so off into other parts of the pits keeping an eye on the sky. Slight recovery on finding a Nightingale in a private area was a consolation but then nothing else in any of the wader habitat elsewhere.

With all the birds reported on the move, a couple of lunchtime outings and two other passes through Broom area this week have found me just a flock of 13 Dunlin with no other coastal waders or different terns. So the long weekend beckons and my early morning calendar is set with a target of three in the spring passage specials category so I look forward to posting the tales of my Godwits, Whimbrel, Plovers, Sanderling, Little tern etc on Monday evening !

Note to self: If you have a plan, stick to it and do not answer text. If it is rare enough to be worth deviating for, I would hope to be getting a phone call

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