Monday 21 May 2012

Lots of the same

With the challenge of getting a few more for my SFYL, I have put slightly more birding effort in the wetlands and slightly less in the hills for the second half of the spring with the hope of a few scarce wader ticks. Unfortunately they have all eluded me by not appearing in the first few hours of daylight at the weekends in the places where I have been. I have recorded more common wader numbers than usual a result of this effort with Ringed Plover, Dunlin and Common Sandpipers all over the place and good flocks of both of the first two.
Better SFYL Ticks achieved as a result of this early rising have been Turtle Dove (flyover), Hobby and latest a Black Tern at Broom this Sunday though missed out on the Greenshank that SCB grabbed.
Also seen plenty of Wheatear around this year and was pleased to capture this digiscope image on a tree guard near Gypsy Lane West pit on 13th May.

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