Sunday 4 November 2012

Extension hampers SFYL action...........

Well, I think I've just about shot my bolt for this year. Watching the days and months go by whilst making cups of tea for builders and helping with the donkey work. Hopefully, enough has been done to seal the place up before the worst of the Winter weather.
This however has played havoc with my SFYListing potential and with DOM's inclusion, have now dropped further down the leaderboard. It's only the powerful frame of Roger Hicks propping me up!
Anyway, having done most of my totally carbon free list from my bike or sat at home looking out of the window, I was thrilled to add a long awaited Merlin to my list. It flew over my back garden just before I set off to The Pinnacle for only my 2nd Vismig trip of the campaign.
The only 'easy' gap left is Brambling- but if I want a green one, I will probably have to cycle up to Sandy and Vismig one- but negotiating  the A1 in the dark isn't going to be much fun...........


  1. Hmmmm, fabulous garden tick. But would your garden be a private site Mr Burgess?

  2. Uh oh The law are on to me! Brief announcement- The gardens of 22 Manor Place, Upper Caldecote and now open to the public.......
    To answer your question Richard is no.........

  3. Ahh good stuff. Look forward to the rosefinch on the feeders twitch...

  4. I, like twitchers have a price per tick. It's usually about 50 pence. But a BR on the extension roof would be somewhere in the region of £60,000! Well done Darren on your recent finds BTW.