Sunday 4 November 2012

Rough times

I knew the forecast was going to be bad but you can't leave a site like Radwell alone and expect to get more juicy SFYTs.  So, with raincoat on, I searched the site getting wetter and wetter.  I've good memories of the flooded fields by Radwell bridge - I've seen Ruff here before in the winter - probably pushed our way from the Ouse Washes proper when they flood.  A good look for American Golden Plovers and Bono Gulls here but no joy.  Then a couple of hours around the lakes and a quick check of Harrold-Odell CP produced nothing for the all important SFY list.   But the flood was worth another look from the car.  Many more Golden Plovers and five fine Ruffs too.  Here's one of them, almost in focus...

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