Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Grim Sleeper

I liken AG to Borussia Dortmund's performances in the Champions League: quietly efficient, stealthy, exhibiting great tactics and coming up on the blind-side. In short, he has me worried...

Whilst Steve 'Barca' Blain and Richard 'Real' Bashford steal the headlines with moments of sheer brilliance, Mr G has been displaying stereotypically Teutonic qualities, married with inspired strategy, in order to maximise his tick potential. In short, he has me worried...

On the other hand, I feel a bit like Malaga: unfancied outsider, exceeded expectations, but ultimately going out. I'll give you odds of no more than 2/1 on Mr G claiming the crown. In short, he has me worried...

Deutschland, uber alles!



  1. But his Marsh Harrier sounds a bit dodgy to me. Could be one that the referee missed! ;-)

  2. Andy won't like the association with the term 'in short'. Upset him and he becomes even more determined..........
    Tread carefully DOM ;)

    1. Oh dear...did I over-egg the 'in short' references? :-)


  3. Clearly as someone with incredible amounts of football knowledge, I followed at least 50% of your post. But indeed, the Marsh Harrier is a very poor effort, unless it was a male and not the female reported from that site at least three times in the last few days

  4. Agreed, the tenuous M H is almost as bad as seeing a geriatric Lady A at an undisclosed site near somewhere posh in the south of the county............

  5. Note that in the spirit of fairness, I have removed a sfyt claim on a Marsh Harrier and not allowed myself the luxury of counting Whinchat when we found two when twitching one yesterday. Good birding to all this weekend as I am out of the game for most of the three days. Best wishes, Shorty!