Sunday 28 April 2013

The Grim Sleeper

I liken AG to Borussia Dortmund's performances in the Champions League: quietly efficient, stealthy, exhibiting great tactics and coming up on the blind-side. In short, he has me worried...

Whilst Steve 'Barca' Blain and Richard 'Real' Bashford steal the headlines with moments of sheer brilliance, Mr G has been displaying stereotypically Teutonic qualities, married with inspired strategy, in order to maximise his tick potential. In short, he has me worried...

On the other hand, I feel a bit like Malaga: unfancied outsider, exceeded expectations, but ultimately going out. I'll give you odds of no more than 2/1 on Mr G claiming the crown. In short, he has me worried...

Deutschland, uber alles!



  1. Andy won't like the association with the term 'in short'. Upset him and he becomes even more determined..........
    Tread carefully DOM ;)

  2. Clearly as someone with incredible amounts of football knowledge, I followed at least 50% of your post. But indeed, the Marsh Harrier is a very poor effort, unless it was a male and not the female reported from that site at least three times in the last few days

  3. Agreed, the tenuous M H is almost as bad as seeing a geriatric Lady A at an undisclosed site near somewhere posh in the south of the county............

  4. Note that in the spirit of fairness, I have removed a sfyt claim on a Marsh Harrier and not allowed myself the luxury of counting Whinchat when we found two when twitching one yesterday. Good birding to all this weekend as I am out of the game for most of the three days. Best wishes, Shorty!