Sunday 27 January 2013

Bewick's bonus

Decided to hit the wet stuff for the first time this year and had just ticked the easy Teal, Wigeon etc at Chimney Corner, when I noticed a greyish looking juvenile swan on the bank at the back of the lake. Instantly switching from ducks to swans, some other heads were seen to pop-up and Bewick's hit the back of the net. Not only a superb SFYL bird but also actually the first time ever I had found this species in Bedfordshire. Two adults and juveniles, initially two then three, and reports from later observers indicated that a fourth had been with them, presumably hidden by the bank as only ever saw three in one go.

Moving on to the Pillinge, a Med Gull was sitting very visibly on the front of the roosting gull flock. I admit to hearing about it sixty seconds before just as I approached the watchpoint but I am claiming the find none the less as it was impossible to miss on the first scan of the group. (Same rules as multiple finders on the lunchtime run...) Same bird as the one in the Stewartby roost previous weekend perhaps ?

The curse of technology caught me out however on the Slav Grebe at Stewartby, I had not found it on scans of the lake from the sailing club and near Lagoon Corner so text news of its presence in Marston corner before I set off for a look there and the sewage works means another decent self-find for the year had to go begging unfortunately, but still a nice clean bird to look at.


  1. Bloomin' cracking bit of birding AG! Anyone claiming the fourth, fifth or sixth Bewick's then?

  2. Well I got definitely got five total in one go, that was two adults and three juv, before I left the site but I will never know whether I saw the fourth juv or not. Can't see anyone twitching the group would have the balls to try it on with a claim on the one extra juv

  3. Well, The Reaper has certainly pulled a couple out of the bag there. He's one in front of me- without even seeing a Lapwing!

  4. Not much to add, other than the Med is a 'new' bird - it certainly isn't the bird from the previous weekend.

    I need to get out more as I appear to be slacking...