Friday 11 January 2013

Keeping Dry

Am proud to produce a list today to get my BedsSFYL out in the open at a very respectable just over 50% of the number of the front runners but comfortable in the knowledge that I have not been anywhere wet yet. The list includes Water Rail, Moorhen and Mallard courtesy of a small spring fed stream in the north Luton suburbs but has left good gaps to allow catchup with the others like Tufted Duck, Coot and Canada Goose. Should avoid the former this weekend even with the Duck Hunt on my allocated patches in Luton. So far I have done the Winter Thrush survey, scouted lots of housing estates (unsuccessfully so far) for SFYL Waxwing and had a bit of a poke around in some fields trying to twitch the very elusive Great Grey Shrike (probably more of that in the morning when I can get down and dirty through all the back areas of its potential territory). Nothing of any real note claimed yet except Peregrine so roll on the 60 mark by the end of the weekend.

You know when young children hide their eyes behind their hands so they cannot see you and they think that means you can not see them… Peregrine on pylon north of Luton trying the same idea (HTC phone-scoped with the help of Darren Thomas’ Leica)

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