Wednesday 9 January 2013

Keeping up with the Blains

I remarked to Steve yesterday ''I'm not competing against you, you know. That would be both foolhardy and unrealistic.''

What I may lack in mobility however, I can more than make up for in time, and as ''the devil makes work for idle hands to do'' this year, I am competing against myself. Birds aren't going to find themselves if I'm sitting on the sofa reading gritty Scandinavian literature or watching another Alec Guinness film - much as I love to do both.

No, this year is going to be a full-on, mega-bird-finding experience and I am heartened and encouraged by the start I've made. I think I can stay with Steve (and Richard) until February, but then I fear, they'll take off into the sunset like startled Nightjars.

I'll be very, very happy with 140. How about an enviro-challenge Matt?


1 comment:

  1. ................and I would be ecstatic with 140. My best ever all eco count was 148 in 2008. This however, was not all self found. Unfortunately I have a lot less time than I did then. But I love a challenge, so Mr Oakley-Martin. Consider the gauntlet well and truly dropped!
    If it gets too embarrassing, I could always concede half way through the year.
    I think I've got more chance of nicking one of the cups than beating DOM to be brutally honest.