Sunday 6 January 2013

Jack Stonesnipe

Stonechat, Biggleswade Common
Stomped round a few wet fields this morning and 'found' myself another Jack Snipe, along with 17 of its larger brethren.  Also popped along to Biggleswade Sewage Works where there were four Chiffchaffs along the fence line.  Also had a 'crest there with what I thought was an eyebrow, but it was too far off and I lost it - bugger!  Then went to see if the Stonechat was on the fallow field behind Furzenhall.  It was - a female type.

This afternoon I then popped over to Broom to try and see the Beardies - I heard them, but they didn't show.  Then back to the fallow field behind Furzenhall to try and see if the Barn Owls are still there.  No sign of the Barn Owls, but both a male and a female Stonechat were now on the reed stems - result!

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  1. I had assumed they'd buggered off as the only Stonechat that's been reported there since has been a single over Christmas by Martin Stevens, therefore I assumed the extra bird I 'found' yesterday was new. Perhaps it wasn't after all!